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Advocates for Youth is pleased to provide technical assistance and sample materials to state and local advocacy organizations.  Advocates also has limited funds to help state and local organizations leverage advocacy efforts.  In the past we have, for example, helped defray the costs of a state-wide public opinion poll or helped pay for the placement of an advocacy ad in a local newspaper.

Advocates’ staff is always happy to work with state and local advocates to tailor these services to fit the specific needs of your policy efforts. 

For more information or to request assistance, please contact Advocates’ state strategies staff at 202-419-3420.

Services We Offer

  • Communications strategy and media outreach, including:
    • Training in media outreach, public speaking, and controversy management
    • Customized advertisements for placement in local newspapers and journals
    • Assistance conducting and releasing public opinion research
    • Talking points on policy and research issues
    • Assistance drafting and disseminating press releases and advisories
    • Assistance drafting op-ed articles, press releases, letters to the editor, blogs, and articles for placement in local newspapers
    • Access to our database of local media outlets and journalists
    • Assistance with messaging and talking points on policy and research issues
    • Assistance setting up media tours, including print, television, and radio interviews
    • Access to Advocates’ spokespeople, including staff, youth activists, and other experts.
  • Advocacy assistance, including:
    • Training on: Lobbying, Building Grassroots Activist Movements, Creating Advocacy Action Plans, What Works in Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health, and Controversy Management
    • Assistance engaging youth activists, including help in building a youth activist network, training in youth-adult partnerships, and access to Advocates’ state-by-state database of youth activists
    • Access to Advocates’ youth activist spokespeople
    • Assistance crafting and disseminating state electronic advocacy alerts
    • Access to advocacy post cards
    • Use of Advocates’ Take Action Legislative Center
    • Assistance with model legislation
    • Legislative and policy updates
    • Policy briefs for dissemination
    • Assistance engaging parents and progressive people of faith.
  • Access to bulk materials and research, including:
    • State-specific fact sheets on sex education, teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV/AIDS
    • Reports on the medical accuracy of specific abstinence-only curricula
    • Bulk copies of materials for dissemination
    • Co-branding of materials for printing and dissemination
    • Access to Advocates’ Librarian for customized research assistance and weekly research updates.
  • Networking opportunities for youth and adult activists, including:
    • Scholarships to the annual State Summit, cosponsored by Advocates and SIECUS, to assist state advocacy coalitions to learn from each other
    • Scholarships for youth activists to the annual Urban Retreat,  Advocates’ three-day youth activist institute
    • Participation on a listserv of state advocacy organizations
    • Monthly conference calls to share information.
  • Organizational development assistance, including:
    • Training on board development, fundraising and improving organizational effectiveness
    • Leadership coaching for senior staff
    • Assistance  researching foundations and writing proposals
    • Training on building strong coalitions.

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